Car Top Materials

For car tops, we offer high-quality German three-layer toppings, plastic toppings, vinyl toppings to paste on metal sheet roofs; and also canvas toppings: tarpaulins for military vehicles. We usually have toppings in stock, but please always ask about their availability and price by phone or e-mail in advance.

Convertible Toppings by Meter

We also sell all toppings as fabric. You can find the price in our price list. You can pick up your topping directly from us or we can send it to you by post. Please always inform yourself in advance by phone or e-mail about the availability of toppings. You can see the toppings we offer below. The colors on your monitor may be different from the real ones. We will be happy to send you the exact topping sampler by post.

Topping Material

Toppings are made of man-made fibers (polyester) with twill weave. The toppings are high quality and suitable even for non-garaged vehicles. We always offer toppings in black. For other colors, always ask about their availability by phone or e-mail in advance.
We offer the following topping colors:

Plastic Topping

Vinyl topping is most commonly used for American vehicles, VW Golf, Ford Escort... The plastic topping is easy to maintain. It is not resistant to abrasion and does not have as long life as cloth topping.
We offer the following colors:

Vinyl Toppings for Solid Roofs

We offer special vinyl to paste on solid roofs in the following colors:

Tarpaulin for Military Vehicles

We also offer tarpaulin for the tops of military vehicles, jeeps, etc.
It is available in the following colors:

Leatherette & Upholstery Fabrics for Roof Interiors

We offer leatherettes with a fine structure which come in white, ivory, beige, gray and black; but also leatherettes in a perforated version. The most popular colors for fabric ceilings are 4501 beige and 4017 gray 4017 wool. You can find other non-standard materials on display in our showroom.

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