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Velorex Upholstery & Covers

We sew upholstery and covers from high-quality original leatherettes with a period design that resists weather conditions. We offer them in various colors (including the original dark brown). We use color fast toppings for soft tops. The original color is black but you can choose from other colors. When ordering individually any color combinations, multi-colored edges and other modifications are possible according to the customer's wishes.

We have standard covers, several types of tops and seats permanently in stock.

You can order upholstery separately; you can then install yourself the covers and universal covers to which we can supply fittings (eyelets and bow ties). You can also bring only door and window frames for coating.

You can also bring the whole Velorex to us and we will set it up completely. We fit the covers directly on the structure of your Velorex. We need the wooden floor and the rear fender of your Velorex.

We also offer Velorex sidecar upholstery.

Velorex Four-Wheel

The four-wheeler is an example of what socialist industry was able to produce in the early 1970s. Although the front fenders and hood are laminated, the upholstery is more laborious than with a classic tricycle.

Four-wheelers were produced perhaps in even worse quality than its predecessor. Therefore, we do not standardly make parts without mounting on a vehicle (each is the original) and we cover the four-wheelers according to their frame. This requires a painted wheel frame, door and window frames. We also recommend that you bring the front fenders and rear fenders, because there are differences in mounting. We have in stock a one-color original gray leatherette.

Velorexes Upholstered by Our Company Throughout Europe

Countless Velorexs have passed through our company over the years of operation. Fortunately, this Czech "car" still has a lot of fans, so they traveled from our workshop to the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Finland and other European countries. We are pleased to be a part of this Czech history.

Mojmir Stransky: a Velorex Designer

During World War II, Mojmir Stransky and his older brother Frantisek built an Oskar motor tricycle, which after the end of the war began to be manufactured in Ceska Trebova and later in Solnice under the name of Velorex.

In 1955, he designed a manual steering car, which worked on a mechanical principle and was applicable to all types of cars operated in our country at the time. This reconstruction was patented and to this day it is known (and still used) under the name Stransky system.

In 2008 we received a nice letter from Mr. Stransky:

Archival photo Miroslav Rek and designer Velorex Mojmir Stransky including signatures.

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