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Skoda Felicia Canvas Soft Tops

We make soft tops for Škoda Felicia based on the original designs. The tops have two different designs: an older version (mounted on a removable frame) and a newer version (mounted directly on the body).

We sew tops from the original cotton topping with a gray lining or from imported German material. The original color of the top is black. You can also choose colorful tops. The tops are lined with leatherette which comes standardly in black, red, burgundy, ivory white and beige. On request, the top can be edged in any color. We sew a plastic window with a cedar (plastic line) into the top according to the original. It is possible to sew the top without a window (Š-450, glass window in a frame).

We provide covers for convertible tops made of leatherette or topping, variously colored and lined (we have several dozen combinations). We always have a set of patents for attaching the canvas top and covers in stock.

We deliver universal tops which you can assemble yourself. We also offer partial assembly of a universal top: you bring it and we assemble. We recommend that you come preferably with the whole car, including the roof structure, and we will tailor a top which will fit your car perfectly. Please do not forget the front chrome pins and counterparts for the windshield frame, otherwise we will not be able to make a roof. To make a custom top we also need a windshield frame with glass and fitted side windows. We repair, sandblast and paint the roof structure with hammer black. We put new metal sheets into the roof: a shaped metal sheet on the windshield structure, two sheets in the shape of a hockey stick at the back where patents are attached and an upper aluminum strip, which is screwed through the soft top to the arch.

Skoda Felicia Interior Upholstery

We fabricate the interior mainly from the original leatherette (currently red, burgundy, beige, white, ivory and black) and to the extent of the customer’s wish. We only need the front seat structure. We provide sandblasting and painting of the structure in standard colors: black and gray. Of course, anything is possible on request (other materials and colors, various stitching, leather interior, etc.).

You can see the materials used for Felicia upholstery HERE.

Skoda Felicia Carpets

We sew carpets for Felicia according to the customer's wishes in any combination. You can pick all upholstered parts up either separately, without assembly, with partial assembly or have the vehicle completely upholstered. The offer of materials also includes original carpets for Felicia in gray and black.

We also sew rubber carpets from original grooved rubber.

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