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We make car UPHOLSTERY of the oldest veterans and new vehicles from the top to the floor


Do you own a VELOREX? Don't put it in the dry cleaner's! Let it have its new coat sewn with us!


Convertible or moto. With our LEATHER HOODS the wind will never tussle your hair again.


An accessory necessary for every motorcycle. We will make a new SADDLE for your comfort.


A memory of youth or convenience for dolls. BABY CARRIAGE will be like new again.


To the last detail for the new car interior. STEERING WHEEL and sun visor upholstery.


SKODA is a Czech classic. We love it too. From the top to the carpets.


We have been with you since 1990

Rek Company – Veteran Car Upholstery Oldrichov

We have many years of experience with the upholstery of all vehicles. We make and repair car upholstery from the oldest veterans (so far the oldest car was from 1903) to completely new vehicles. We are specialists in convertible canvas tops, both simple and insulated (or so-called winter tops).

We also repair all motorcycle seats, including for motorcycle specials. We upholster sidecars. We cover the dashboards and steering wheels in leather.

Our aim is to fulfill even the most particular wishes.


Upholstery and soft tops are not our only specialization. Is there anything else we can help you with?

We try to ensure that all upholstery that we make always forms a finished technological unit.
We sew tops for almost all vehicles including new vehicles. We use branded imported materials.
We will make and repair the cover for any motorcycle saddle. We also cover atypical saddles, including saddles for new motorcycles.
We sew upholstery and covers from high-quality original leatherettes with a period design that resists weather conditions.
We offer custom sewing of helmets and upholstery of helmets. Hoods are suitable both for your motorcycle and your convertible.
We renovate historic baby carriages for both dolls and babies. We make baskets and huts from original-looking leatherettes.
We provide almost all materials for vehicle upholstery. We use quality, mostly imported, car upholstery materials.
Car boot upholstery. Vehicle and motorcycle tarpaulins. Embroidered upholstery with your logo. Do you have any other wishes?
We offer a free consulting service. This is necessary, for example, when renovating particularly valuable, historic and rare veterans.

Tricycle, three-wheeler... VELOREX

Many of them have gone through our workshop. But each was unique.  If you're lucky and own one, you can give it a new coat and upholstery.

We offer a lot of variety and materials. You too can have a real original created in period quality.

SKODA ... a Czech classic

People have glanced back at it since 1905 already. We give Skoda cars a new coat. From canvas tops down to carpets and upholstery. You can pick all upholstered parts up either separately, without assembly, with partial assembly or have the vehicle completely upholstered. The offer of materials also includes original carpets for Felicia in gray and black.

Do you have a question or are you interested in something?

You can call us, come to us in person or write an e-mail.