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We have been with you since 1990

Rek Company – Veteran Car Upholstery Oldrichov

How It All Began

It was 1986 and we bought our first veteran: Tatra 75, a semi-cabrio from 1935. The renovation took place at home and, according to today’s standards, very imperfectly. Of course, it was necessary to make a new top and upholstery, which was a big problem in the period of a socialist society that was in the so called process of development. Although an upholsterer and saddler worked nearby, at that time already almost privately with some permission from the national committee and the local collective farm (JZD). Unfortunately, what he made had to be redone. The foundations of our company were born.

Tatra 75 – polocabrio of the year 1935

We had close relationship to manual work. Mariela Rekova, a graduate of the Secondary School of Textiles in Jihlava, was at that time working as the top forewoman at a secondary textile school. Miroslav Rek was employed as the head of electrical maintenance at the local heating plant. There was a combination of two specialties, namely textile and machinery, which is the basis for any activity in the field of car upholstery.

After 1990, we both started our business, first at work, then full-time. Gradually, we hired the first employees and began to address the development of the company. Original working conditions (a terraced family house) were no longer enough, so it was necessary to move to a larger place. In 1997, we bought a house with land in Oldrichov, a small village near Pisek.

Workshop was first situated in the house in the living room of about 40 m2 and we had a garage for about 4 vehicles. In 1998 we started to build the main workshop (a total of 300 m2, of which the workshop itself was 200 m2) and then we added auxiliary rooms, warehouses and a "dirty" workshop for welding and other mechanical work, which must not come into contact with the so-called "clean" workshop.


We currently have working space of about 400 m2, storage space of about 300 m2 and auxiliary spaces (office, cloakrooms, dining room of about 100 m2). The average number of production workers is 15. Four people participate in the operation of the company.

Quality comes first for us. We achieve processing at least comparable to the original. Over the years of work, we have trained experts and specialists for each car upholstery work. We also offer a free consulting service. This is necessary when renovating particularly valuable, historic and rare veterans, as some preparatory work must be taken into account already during body renovation.

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